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The directors of Colt started working in the offshore oil and gas industry in the early 1970s. One of the largest high pressure jetting contractors in Europe, we operated over fifty high pressure cleaning systems and employed over 300 operatives across the UK and Norwegian North Sea sector.

Today we offer the latest vessel and general cleaning systems often with systems and equipment developed in house. We tend to offer services in the specialist areas of cleaning as well as the day to day working with LSA routinely with fully accredited management and personnel.

We have recently developed a new system for the cleaning of skid frame generators and turbine fuel and oil tanks where access is often extremely difficult if not was ignored in the original construction completely. Again the system was designed and developed in house and has been utilised in both the North and Southern North Sea.

In addition to our vessel and pipe cleaning we also offer vessel packing removal and re-packing after cleaning is completed.