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About Colt Industrial Services

The Directors of Colt Industrial Services Limited have been at the forefront of industrial services for over fifty five years. In the 1970s we operated one of the largest offshore cleaning companies in Europe. The company (ICC) was one of the first to import what were relatively new high pressure water power cleaning systems in to the UK and over the following eleven years up to becoming a publicly quoted company on the UK stock market the business was developed into a company based in Hull, Aberdeen, Singapore and the Middle East.

In the early 1980s and through to the early 1990s we built up a more land based industrial services company (GBI Industrial Services Limited). The company eventually operated across the globe and equally offered offshore personnel and equipment but for the first time also operated a large fleet of heavy goods vehicles including large road tankers, mobile 6” air conveyors and developed the product we are most recognised for Hydro Abrasive Cutting. The company was eventually sold to a large PLC.

In 1989 we incorporated Colt Industrial Services Limited. The company, as with the previous two, started small and eventually developed along similar lines but with the reinvigoration of the offshore gas and oil sectors, it developed both the land based services alongside the offshore services.

Today we operate a fleet of over forty vehicles and employ on average over 120 multi-skilled highly professional operatives. Colt works across the UK and internationally servicing turnarounds, shutdowns, term contracts and tendered works spread throughout a broad section of industries.